January 2015 Roundup


And so Winter 2015 wraps up its first month, and it’s already pretty clear who’s shit and who’s not shit. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly shit, as to be expected of a winter season. And as a narcissist asshole who thinks his opinions are worth shit blogger, I have pretty clear opinions by now. Guess who’s my favorite (hint: it named this blog).


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc



Despite not being as good as the first two parts, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders still goes on strong because, hey, it’s JoJo. Being at the weakest it’s gonna be still doesn’t hold it back from being absolutely delightful, just not as delightful as it used to be back when Joseph Joestar was wrecking up 200,000 year old naked vampires while dressed like a stripper club reject.



Parasyte finally recovered from the GEE I WONDER IF SHINICHI’S WORRIED ABOUT HIS HUMANITY episodes and it’s now back to what made it strong in the first place. Exploring the group dynamics of the parasites is probably my favorite part so far, and Tamura Reiko is a better character for exploring the themes of humanism and such than Shinichi. She’s also the best female character in Parasyte, which is kind of depressing but kind of expected considering the manga is older than me.

Also, the music is awful but it’s quite good when listened to outside of context. I AM is a pretty good dubstep piece.

GARO: The Animation



Kobayashi’s at it again! Well, what constitutes being “at it” for Yasuko Kobayashi is something of a variable thing considering how versatile her writing is, as any toku fan can tell you. But I thought she was going to be more Kamen Rider Den-O Kobayashi and not Kamen Rider Ryuki Kobayashi, given Germán Luis’ antics. But nope, GARO: The Animation went full-on depression fest again.

Don’t get me wrong, I prefer Kobayashi when she’s being all gritty and sad and her characters are being miserable (aka Ryuki). But right now León makes Ryotaro look like Justy Tylor in comparison and that’s a little bit excessive right there Kobayashi. You may as well replace the entire contents of León character arc with 120 minutes of him being beaten over and over with a crowbar and I wouldn’t notice the difference. It also had a couple terrible episodes like that one about building the mock-GARO but the plot-progressing episodes more than make up for it.

Yona of the Dawn

Warning: Yona of the Dawn contains illegal amounts of cuteness.
Warning: Yona of the Dawn contains illegal amounts of cuteness. Please contact your local tribe head for further information.

Yona of the Dawn continues to be disappointingly enjoyable. I don’t even know why I picked it up in the first place. The cast is a harem full of bishonen that very obviously occupy a different fetish niche I recognize from the many, many otome games I’ve played (there’s the tsundere bad boy [Hak], the sweet shy guy [Shin-Ah], the somewhat dorky one [Kija/Ki-Ja/Gija/Whatever romanization they choose this week]). But they’re cool and interesting, which is nice. There’s also Yona herself, who is ongoing an awesome character arc I’m talking about later.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Husbando, now in
Husbando™, now in Lime, Cherry, Banana, Lemon and Blueberry flavors!

I don’t know if there’s an actual plot behind this show, but if there isn’t I don’t care because this show is fucking hilarious. The jokes have all connected, the characters all sit well with me, and the fanservice is actually quite good. It knows how and when to cross lines and make me go “I can’t believe they went there” amidst thunderous laughter. The animation is also kind of crap but the writing more than makes up for it.

Kamisama Kiss 2


Kamisama Kiss retains every aspect that made me love the first season. Nanami’s still cute, Tomoe’s still awesome, Mizuki is still best guy and the humor still connects with me.

Death Parade


I have much more mixed feelings on Death Parade, because I’ve watched the original Anime Mirai short and the series feels like more of that, for better and worse. Its use of ambiguity works against it and for it. Its episodes have been kind of hit-and-miss and the hit ones are not strong enough to compensate for the miss ones, like Parasyte or GARO. But it’s pretty good, it has effective intrigue even in the miss episodes and its characters are pretty nice.

Also, I can’t help it but my brain parses Decim as Evil Ginko. Seriously, just look at the guy!

Not so Hot

The Rolling Girls


Mostly in this section because the leads are so fucking uninteresting.



I know the game came out before that but it does feel like Girls und Panzer without any of the charm. In Girls und Panzer, you could understand it without needing to know much about tanks. KanColle, not so much. I feel like I need a Ph.D. in Japanese warship history to even get what’s happening. The moe bullshit is so fucking boring and uninteresting I had trouble going through the first episode.

Aldnoah.Zero 2

Even Slaine is ashamed to be in this anime

slaine sux lol

The Cr@ppym@ster: Shitderella Girls

Short version: Urrgh idols

Slightly less short version: If the focus were on Producer, the show would be 50x better. But no, it’s a variety of bland moeblob idol types.

(And before someone who just replaced their brain with a rusty pipe complains about me fawning over Yona’s cuteness while condemning moeblob shit: the difference is that Pierrot isn’t shoving Yona’s cuteness in my face like an chloroform soaked rag and she also has character traits).


Cross Ange


Cross Ange feels like those sketches of tits and violence we used to make on notebook margins back on sixth grade, given sound and animation. Even leaving aside how fucking terrible and despicable every single character is, there’s absolutely nothing to love about this series. Why am I still watching this then? Imagine The Room, except that Johnny is now a chick and the sex scenes is half the movie. That’s how hilariously bad this is.

Absolute Testament of Unlimited World Break

I’m not going to waste precious potassium atoms on brain impulses describing these shows adapteed from the largely respectable snort medium of Light Novels formless blobs of wish fulfillment and incest, so I’m going to make some blibble noises instead. blibble blibble blibble blibble blibble