Yona of the Dawn 18 – He’s Just Not That Into You

So, this episode continues back where the last left off, with Medieval Korea Dandy (Junichi Suwabe can only be parsed as Space Dandy. No exceptions) having the hots for Hak, because what’s a shoujo harem without some good ol’ homoeroticism. So, he sets off to town, seeking to recruit Hak for some sweet lov- err, for Gigan’s pirate crew. Yeah, let’s roll with that.

“I can feel all them fujoshi already writing 20 doujin about this”.

Anyway, we now focus back on Yona and her ever-growing harem, who have now decided to go into the town themselves after Hak failed to actually do productive stuff in town. Well, unless you count soaking the panties of 10,000 fujoshi as productive stuff (and I do).

But their peaceful stroll through Awa is swiftly stopped by some random guards randomly beating up some shopkeepers. Probably because they were charging $5 for some extra guacamole on their nachos. And I emphasize with them, $5 for extra guacamole is a fucking felony. Yona is understandably pissed off about this, sending her into BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD mode.


Hak wanders off because he neglected to mention the largely trivial fact that he’s wanted in the town for kicking a guard in the nads. So, after faffing around town for a bit, presumably wrestling and executing an elephant with naught but his bare hands and his winning smile (a logical progression from the stuff he’s done), he encounters Greeny again. And he’s happy to see him.

Really, really happy.

vlcsnap-2015-02-15-18h15m23s132 vlcsnap-2015-02-15-18h15m26s157
Unfortunately for Jae-Ha, Hak is Yona-sexual. Maybe if he dyed his hair red…

Hak is understandably pissed off about this and delivers the greatest “kyaa ecchi” moment of physical comedy this season (which is kind of like being the best cyborg flutist of February 2015, but still), and Jeaha’s reaction is so priceless only a gif can do it justice.

output_IBWwfjWell, this is a Mizuho Kusanagi work. Have you read NG Life? It’s literally about a guy whose best friend in his past life reincarnated as a girl and now has a crush on him (also his little sister and mortal enemy are now his mother and father). And she wrote Game X Rush, which is an exercise on how much yaoi subtext you can pack without it becoming supertext.

Homoeroticism is kind of her thing, s’all I’m sayin’. I was kind of waiting for this moment, to be honest.

But I digress.

Jeaha feels a strange presence and decides to take off because not being in the harem is a more important task than Hak. But he is betrayed by every man’s worst enemy: shoddy roofs. And after getting his fat arse stuck in a vase, he finds…


But that aside, we shift to an emotional scene. Yona and company enter the ransacked store, and see the tragic aftermath of the guard’s rampage. The kid that got punched in the face is now kind of a little bit dead now. Yona is very pissed.

vlcsnap-2015-02-15-18h19m59s74vlcsnap-2015-02-15-18h20m04s125It’s because of moments like this the reason  I love Yona so damn much. You go, girl.

While Yona is having a touching emotional moment, Gija is too busy being absolutely euphoric about finding Jeaha, like a puppy who just managed to catch a frisbee (and just as adorable). So much, he carries Greeny around, vase and all. But Jeaha doesn’t want to be in Yona’s harem. The Dandy way is to have a harem, baby. So, he takes off.

But his roaming is interrupted by the sight of the love of his life his recruitment target, Hak. It was absolutely adorable to see try to chat Hak up. Hak doesn’t appreciate.

“Especially if they are homosexual stalkers”

Seriously, Jeaha is awesome. I didn’t know I’d like him this much, especially since his first appearance didn’t left a very good impression on me. But now that we actually get to know him, it turns out he’s absolutely hilarious.

Anyway, Jeaha’s conversation is interrupted by the arrival of his worst nemesis, the dreaded King Hiryuu.


It’s called a boner, Jeaha.

But Jeaha manages to resist his massive boner the will of the dragon’s blood (or something) and refuses to join the party, because only four of them can be present in a battle. But Yona takes this surprisingly well. After all, she’s asking the dragons to help her, not commanding them to do so.

He's a gratuitous gif of Yona being cute, because Yona is cute.
Here’s a gratuitous gif of Yona being cute, because Yona is cute.

Greeny brings up the whole captain thing again, and Yona’s interested, much to Hak’s annoyance. So, the next day they meet captain Gigan.

Gigan is a cool old lady with a voice sweet yet raspy, like if Strawberry Shortcake were a chain smoker for 20 years. But this is Yoshiko Sakakibara we’re talking about here. So, after she makes Gija, Hak and Sinha fight here entire crew, which is really fucking unfair for her crew, she asks what can Yona do. Yona struggles to answer.

vlcsnap-2015-02-15-19h03m02s47vlcsnap-2015-02-15-19h03m09s117vlcsnap-2015-02-15-19h03m11s139vlcsnap-2015-02-15-19h03m27s36vlcsnap-2015-02-16-18h41m28s157  But she likes the determination in Yona’s eyes. So, to test her, she’s going to make Yona do… something? I don’t know what it is, but the preview says it’s gonna be some epic shit. I look forward to it.

I like Yona so damn much. Don't you?
I like Yona so damn much. Don’t you?
Here's another gratuitous image of Yona being cute, because Yona is cute. Bonus cute Hak included.
Here’s a bonus shot of Yona being cute, because Yona is cute. Bonus cute Hak included.