Yona of the Dawn 19 – rero rero rero

Yona of the Dawn manages to keep its high level of quality yet again this week. Also, Ao had its best episode yet. Ao best haremite.

Last week, on Yona of the Dawn, the awesomely voiced Captain Gigan sent Yona for the most difficult test she could imagine: find an herb.

Oh come the fuck on Gigan. It’s just some stupid herb, I’m pretty sure even I could-


HOLY SHIT THAT CLIFF. I take it back, I’d be too much of a pussy to try that.

We really got to see Yona’s courage and determination in this scene. She was crying, she was panting. She was scared. Hell, at that point, I’d turn back. Of no help was soon-to-be-harem-member Jeaha just standing there and telling her to not try it and he kind of was right because HOLY SHIT THAT CLIFF.

But no, Yona kept pressing on.

Some sweet lovin' from Ao also helps. Ao best haremite.
Some sweet lovin’ from Ao also helps.

And lo, she gets the goddamn senjuso, which kind of looks like an interspecies child between a dandelion and a chamomile. Actually, it looks exactly like a fucking chamomile. Captain Gigan, did you just send Yona to collect tea ingredients!? For fuck’s sake, Yuno’s tea plantation can’t be that far.

Horrible self-referential jokes aside, we get to some harem dynamics well after the whole senjuso affair.

Jeaha is useful harem-wise because he actually gets the romance going. He’s a lecherous nutcase and much more overt than Hak in his admiration for Yona. He’s the only viable candidate for Yona’s affection no shut up Gija is completely set up with Yun lalala I’m not hearing you lalala. With such a personality in your harem and characters not from a shitty harem manga, obviously competition is afloat.

So, Hak has to actually go forward and make advances towards Yona and it’s played for melodrama rather than trashy comedy. I’ve already seen too many shitty harems (normal and reverse) by this point and really, even if it’s the same old harem antics I like it in melodrama flavour.

Unfortunately for Hak, this doesn’t end well. He ends ups spilling honey all over Yona’s hands when trying to heal it using honey (this is the Middle Ages or so, they had funny ideas about stuff). So, he cleans up the best way he can.

Kakyoin would be proud.

Anyway, the story of the pirates is nearing its end which is kind of sad because this has been the best arc so far. Yona comes up with a plan to infiltrate Kumji’s ship and set off fireworks inside it. But Gigan is not down with that and will only send Yona if she’s accompanied and Ao doesn’t count. There’s only smelly men in the ship and Gigan herself, so they need to send off someone who looks reasonably attractive as a woman.


Wait how does he know that? Has he… tried it before? Is there a side of Yun we haven’t seen? Tune in next time for some trap action!