February 2015 Roundup

kumji menacing

And so Winter 2015 wraps up its second month, and my opinion of this season takes a nosedive. Promising shows failed to deliver on their promise and shit shows became somehow shittier. But at the same time, good shows became even better, and some shit shows are trying. It’s not so much as this season sucking as much as there being a wide gap between shit shows and quality shows.

Let’s get this over with, shall we? (And yes, it’s organized from best to worst).


GARO: The Animation

No, I will not get over this sex scene.

Really, I’m completely and utterly addicted to this series. GARO: The Animation continues to be utter joy as it shows its mastery of characterization and character dynamics. The overall plot I still find it a little weak but I don’t care a whole lot about it because the actual character writing more than makes up for it.



Reiko went and ceased to exist and I thought that Reiko’s death was going to be the high point of the anime, because really, it’s hard to top that moment from both an emotional and thematical point of view. And of course, like everything I think won’t top itself, topped itself.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!


This show just keeps getting better and better. Not by improving its humor, which it did, but by also exploring the dynamics and relationships of its characters (well, sorta). The humor plays the line between offensive and funny like Bach played the fiddle. There’s still not a semblance of, you know, plot, but I don’t care as long as the characters and humor keep being awesome.

Yona of the Dawn


While I like the current arc, I can’t wait to meet the next dragon so I can see what complicated boner metaphor they will use.

Kamisama Kiss 2

Kamisama Kiss is still Kamisama Kiss and has all the melodrama associated, but I was not expecting for the series focus more on actual plot and backstories. While much different than I expected given the tone of the first season, I still think this is a positive direction for the series to take and if it continues on this path, it will be a massive improvement over season 1 , which was pretty good, even if it was a somewhat cliché HanaYume romance.

But Raysenn, what is a cliché HanaYume romance?
Thanks for asking, theorical asker. Well, there’s this girl who is a bit shy and clumsy but she has Strong Motivation, Good Nature and Relentless Determination. There’s also this guy who is a Bishonen that is a bit of a Tsundere and Possessive . They tend to Bicker A Lot because they Cannot Express their Feelings. The actual plot has something to do with Supernatural Intrigue and/or takes place in a Made Up World in which they face adventures that lets the Grow Closer as a Couple.

That just read like something crawled from the TVTropes pitch generator.

Mind you, being a somewhat cliché HanaYume romance is not necessarily bad, given that HanaYume generally puts out quality stuff (also HanaYume sells like hotcakes).  The World is Still Beautiful is pretty good and an example on how to do tsundere (two of them!) right (namely: make the dynamics actually believable). I’m kind of expecting an adaptation of Komomo Confiserie, which is how you do a spoiled brat protagonist right but we all know there’s no chance in hell it will be adapted.

But I digress.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Egypt Arc

I just realized that I don’t really like Stardust Crusaders a whole lot. Its plot is paper-thin, its characters (and character dynamics) are sort of terrible compared to other parts and it’s so. Fucking. Slow. Still, it’s JoJo. Despite these flaws, it’s still hugely entertaining mostly because of its excellent fights (nowhere as good as those in Part 2 or Part 4, or Part 8 but I’m getting ahead of the anime) and great humor.

Death Parade

I keep returning to Death Parade, and every time after enduring Funimation’s horrid quality and terribly slow speed and laughably small buffer time and lack of Chromecast support and okay I’ll stop now, everytime I feel… unsatisfied. The writing, themes and episodic plots are lacking. The episodes all base themselves around some twist that more often than not feels anticlimactic and kind of dumb once given some thought. It’s not very clear what it’s trying to say and the more it goes on I just feel like it’s being pretentious for the sake of being pretentious and it has not much to say.

Not so Hot


Don’t get me wrong, Durarara is still excellent. It’s just that I was really pissed off at Episode 7 because it was made in PowerPoint.

Aldnoah.Zero 2

I can’t help but be slightly charmed by Aldnoah.Zero. It’s still a trainwreck, but it’s trying. Like a kitten trying futilely to escape a particularly persistent set of bedsheets he’s buried under.

The Rolling Girls

Really, I was right with the whole “The leads are super boring” thing. Its style over substance approach has wore thin before long, and its flaws, namely its completely boring characters and nonsensical setting, become more apparent.


Cross Ange

You know, Cross Ange is not like The Room. It’s like those scribblings of ultraviolence and tits that weird kid did in sixth grade, turned into storyboards and animated. So, like Heavy Metal but with zero self-awareness.

Devil Sister Duo: Aria of Curse for Unlimited Fafnir

blibble blibble blibble blibble blibble