Is It Wrong to Pick Up Chicks in a Dungeon? Episodes 1 & 2 – Gotta Go Fast


I don’t know why the first show I picked up this season was a JC Staff adaptation of a light novel with a tediously long title, but it was the earliest show to come out because it seems most shows are now on the weekends. To be fair to the author, it’s a award winning light novel. To be fair to the medium of literature, a light novel award is like winning Less Painful Method to Die at the Nails and Flails Torture-off.

But I digress. Let’s dig into this, shall we?


As a whole, I’m not terribly impressed with IIWtPUCiaD (I need to come up with a handier acronym). It’s not like it’s horribly shit, it’s just that it feels… lacking.

It has a decent enough premise, alright. A boy, Bell, wants to get stronger so he can impress a lady he just saw. The kid’s a somewhat decent character by himself, really. I even think he’s a bit adorable with his earnest attitude. And he’s also the only character interesting enough for me to care about, as the rest get little to no personality, really.

The animation’s also pretty decent. It’s not very visually interesting, which is something of a sin in fantasy settings. But this is JC Staff we’re talking about, so pretty decent is the best we’ll get. Oh well.

But the pacing… oh lord the pacing. In a series that was described to me as being based on character interactions, rushed pacing is a cardinal sin. If character interactions are central to the story, you simply do not rush through them. Because all scenes are rushed through, character chemistry fails hard. They come off as unidimensional crushes of the sort you find in shitty harem series, and not something award winning. I’ve heard that it’s because the anime is rushing through the LNs, but I don’t care. The LN being good, to the extent any LN can be good, doesn’t redeem the anime.


I’d be willing to forgive all of this if the humor worked. It doesn’t. The one joke I liked was the one about his pickup artist grandpa, and it seemed to be unintentional because the way it was framed. The other jokes revolve around the busty lady he works for wanting his dicks and also breasts. Bleh. If I want raunchy comedy, I’d rewatch Maria the Virgin Witch.

It’s not bad, mind you. It’s somewhat decent, and it may be someone’s cup of tea, but it ain’t mine. Maybe it’ll improve later, but chances are I’ll not be around by then.