JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 44 – Semper Fidelis to All Our Fallen Heroes (Also, Have Some Vine S&M)


And so, the Vanilla Ice battle draws to an end, and the end is definitely better than the battle itself and not because the battle ended (heh). That said, despite this battle not being as much fun as D’Arby the Gamer’s, it does contain several character’s finest moments. And the conclusion is pretty epic too, even if the result isn’t greater than the sum of its parts.


For example, Iggy here manages to top himself from the battle against Pet Shot in just a minute or two. Here, mortally wounded and knowing he won’t make it out after being turned into a fleshy Slurpee by Vanilla Ice’s foot, he uses his last bit of life force to protect Polnareff from Vanilla Ice’s Stand.

It’s a pretty damn emotional moment, really. I liked Iggy a whole lot even when he was this really ugly dog that did fuck all because he was really funny and quite badass at times. I quite like how he swallows his pride for one time and commits the ultimate sacrifice. And I must admit I do have a certain soft spot for heroic sacrifices, so there’s that.

It also enabled a really awesome as fuck beatdown in which Polnareff turns Vanilla Ice into shish kebabs, so there’s that, too.


Ultimately, Polnareff defeats Vanilla Ice by simply tapping him gently in the back into some sunlight using Silver Chariot, defeating the Joestar’s toughest oponent yet, and also it’s his finest moment. The really epic verbal beatdown also helps quite a lot. It’s quite poignant and moving.

Still, I didn’t like Vanilla Ice’s battle as much as I liked D’Arby the Gamer’s.I think the best JoJo battles are all about taking something simple and elevating it to the 99th degree until it turns really epic. In this case, video games; they took what is a mundane object of entertainment and turned it into a nail-biting and exciting match of wits and MAD SKILLZ and ADVANCED PRO STRATS and also Joseph being Joseph. Vanilla Ice’s battle is much more straightforward, like the early battles in this arc.

That’s just my personal taste, though. This fight is still absolutely excellent and loaded with interesting visuals and amazing direction, although that’s just David Pro being David Pro.


And of course they have to remind us that Avdol and Iggy tragically died. Rest in peace, fallen Crusaders ;_;7

After this, there’s a small segment with Suzie Q,who still exists, with Holly. It’s pretty decent, although nothing much to write home about. It does. however, have some really fucking delicious dramatic irony for us that read the manga regarding Joseph never failing Suzie. Oh Suzie, naïve one.  It did, however, give us this lovely screenshot:


Because I just can’t make up shit like “Vine S&M”. Good fucking grief.


But what really matters? We finally, finally got to DIO’s World. Hell, he even brought an entire illumination crew to accentuate the epicness!