Oh man, Gangsta. I can’t really contain how amazing I find this series to be. It’s got everything one can ask for in an anime—cool character, violence, drugs, asses, tits, asses. Between this and Ranpo Kitan, Summer 2015 is off to a really good start.



Gangsta starts off in the city of Ergastulum, which is Latin for “shithole”. It’s a fantastically dark city which feels like a concoction made from film noir and gangsta rap music videos, both in its incredibly dilapidated state —it makes Sidonia look like Robot Unicorn Attack—and its residents, namely a lot of well, gangstas with varying degrees of moral ambiguity.

The show really doesn’t spare any detail about how much of a shithole Ergastulum is. There’s drugs, there’s extremely detailed violence (including, yes, sexual violence that is, fortunately, tastefully handled) and pretty much everyone here is an asshole to some degree or another. Even the cats are evil stealing assholes and wait, no, that’s just cats being cats.

Oh well. Still better than Detroit.


Against this setting, we have our two morally ambiguous main characters, Worick Arcangelo (played by the peerless Junichi Suwabe) and Nicholas Brown (who is . Together, they run a hitm… er… “handyman” agency that does shit nobody else wants to do because that’s too hardcore for them. Pussies. Our duo takes the jobs in stride, because they’re not pussies.

Speaking of our two morally ambiguous main characters, Nicolas Brown is definitely the best guy. This early already he displays some rather impressive depth, conveyed entirely via body language, facial expressions and actions. I can’t wait to see the rest of his rather impressive characterization.

And despite all the cool shit happening here in Gangsta, the best part is still the dynamic between the two lead characters. I love how much of a snarky jackass Nicholas manages to be despite being deaf, and Worick’s attempts to contain him are really amusing.

Welcome back, Manglobe. It’s like you never stopped being the studio that produced ground-breaking anime like Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo in lieu of making the Hayate the Combat Butler sequel and movie and The World God Only Knows. It’s good to have you back making awesome stuff like this and the upcoming Genocidal Organ.

I’m covering this because fuck it, sometimes one just wants to squee over shit being awesome for 12 posts straight.