Gangsta. 2 & 3 – In Which Best Guy Competition Intensifies


Welp, I sure did take my sweet time writing this post. Maybe I shouldn’t actually write a blog considering I maybe don’t actually have enough time to maintain one, but fuck it, I like challenges.

Anyway, Gangsta. Yeah, I think I got something entirely different than what I was expecting of this series, and that’s a very good thing.


One thing that immediately stood out from this episode of Gangsta is Alex. Despite focusing more on Nicolas (more of that in a pinch), the series took quite a bit of time in this episode fleshing out how Alex fits (or rather, doesn’t) in Nicolas and Worick’s world. She doesn’t know anything about Tags or Ergastulum in general despite working as a prostitute, a job that usually requires quite a lot of street smarts. This establishes her as the naive newcomer and expands upon her characterization, which I admit was rather lacking in episode 1.

And speaking of Tags, this episode manages to introduce quite a lot of intriguing mysteries regarding Tags. Like Nico’s pills, clearly relating to his Tag status, and why he likes to take it far above the recommended dose (and why he doesn’t get a fine case of cirrhosis from that), or the exact nature of Tags, since it’s quite clear that it’s much more than what Worick explained

Gangsta+-+02+-4Back to Nico, he’s got quite a lot of depth added to him in episode two. It was already pretty obvious that Nico is quite a lot more than he seems (like the show itself, in fact), but episode 2 goes above and beyond the call of duty regarding Nico’s characterization. Hardly a scene passed that didn’t add a new nuance to his character, or furthered a dynamic between him and another character. And seriously, I can’t stress enough how much joyful it is to watch Nico be himself.

The other characters affiliated with Nico introduced in this episode are the above-pictured Nina, who ironically looks older than the supposedly teenage girls of KinMoza and Dr. Theo. They are both absolutely adorable.  Dr. Theo is indeed a crazy motherfucker who is implied to do terrible experiments with dead bodies, but he’s fucking hilarious. Nina has a pretty cute dynamic with Nico, triggering the latter’s soft and gentle side. They were probably the highlights of the episode.

Indeed, Gangsta managed to set new standards for itself in its second episode, displaying skill in its mystery and characterization and confidence in its style. What could await for me in episode 3?


What a twist! Worick is a gigolo. In honor of this, I demand that Manglobe rename themselves Manwhore.

Episode 3 was all about our eyepatched albino lead here. It’s not necessarily a huge surprise that he’s a manwhore gigolo, considering there have been subtle hints in the first two episodes. What is a huge surprise, however, is that the chicks are into Worick’s eyepatch. Or maybe it must be Worick’s washboard abs or the white hair. One of the two.

Some twists introduced in this episode, however, are huge surprises. Like the not really stated but heavily implied twist that it was Nicolas the one who massacred Worick’s family and/or plucked his eye out. How do you even go from “YOU KILLED MY PARENTS” to more or less best buddies, especially given how protective of Nicolas Worick is? Seriously, he was pretty insulted at his client suggesting a threesome with him, and Worick even threatened that he will rip someone a new asshole for insulting Nicolas. Um… I think this show may be starting to tug at my fujoshi heart strings.


There’s also some more stuff about the “Twilights”, whatever they are. I don’t know if Twilights are supposed to be a metaphor for drug addiction or if they are supernatural or bioengineered in nature. If they are indeed a metaphor for drug addiction, then maybe I’m watching the anime version of Requiem for a Dream, sans face-cam and ass to ass.

These two episodes give me the impression that I was wrong with what I thought Gangsta was gonna be. While I initially thought this was going to be a rather silly bizarre action series, it may actually go towards the path of being a character-driven rough gangster show, or maybe a straight-up character study. Hilariously enough, that was what I was expecting of Ranpo Kitan.

And now, I shall conclude with this heartwarming image of Nic dramatically brandishing his tags while making his friendliest of faces before straight fucking up some bloke with his katana. Sweet dreams!