Spring 2015 Roundup


I had really high hopes for Spring 2015 that were more-or-less crushed by the second month of the season. Quite a lot of the shows I was following turned out to be crud, and in the last month I more or less fell behind everything except JoJo and Blood Blockade Battlefront. Oh well. At least it’s better than Winter.

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March 2015 Roundup: Winter Top 5 and Awards – Attack of the Leftovers

You will notice two things about this roundup:

  1. These are mostly Fall 2014 shows!
  2. Seriously, why are these mostly Fall 2014 shows?

Well, that’s because 1. I decided to include shows in the seasons they ended, rather than the one they started in and 2. winter 2015 sux. So, let’s get this Top 5 (and miscellaneous awards) started, shall we?

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