Ushio and Tora 1 & 2 – My Little Bakemono


In more ways than one, watching the first two episodes of Ushio and Tora is kind of like going back to 1993. After all, this is one of the seminal shonen works that have influenced all action shonens ever since; the amount of battle shonens that don’t borrow at least a little bit from this series can be counted on one hand. But, it’s been almost 20 years since it ended. Can it still stand out and connect with me? Does it have enough substance to stand the test of time?

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Gangsta. 2 & 3 – In Which Best Guy Competition Intensifies


Welp, I sure did take my sweet time writing this post. Maybe I shouldn’t actually write a blog considering I maybe don’t actually have enough time to maintain one, but fuck it, I like challenges.

Anyway, Gangsta. Yeah, I think I got something entirely different than what I was expecting of this series, and that’s a very good thing.

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