Ranpo Kitan 3-5 – This Entry Also Counts as a Final Review


This show sucks, Beavis.

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Ranpo Kitan 2 – Hoshino’s the Killer! Um… Who’s Hoshino?


Well, I think that my praise for Ranpo Kitan‘s mystery was a bit too early and lo and behold, I was wrong about the mystery. In this episode, it just kind of… fizzled out without much in the way of a satisfactory conclusion to it. But at the same time, it was… certainly something special. I don’t know if the “good” special like GARO: The Animation or the “bad” kind of special. At least it wasn’t boring.

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Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace 1 – Anime Sherlock


First, let me praise this Kobayashi dude for reigniting my hype for this show, because his entire character design  hinted me very strongly as to what are the contents of this show. But then, I stayed with this show for reasons others than the contents hinted at by Kobayashi’s appearance. Or, to be more straight-forward, I came for the yaoi, and stayed for the mystery.

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