Oh man, Gangsta. I can’t really contain how amazing I find this series to be. It’s got everything one can ask for in an anime—cool character, violence, drugs, asses, tits, asses. Between this and Ranpo Kitan, Summer 2015 is off to a really good start.

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Summer 2015 Preview

2015 continues to be eh in anime, overall. Winter was extremely disappointing while Spring was indeed good, but not quite that great like Fall 2014 was (although I miss that season mainly because it brought upon us GARO: The Animation). And because we crossed into Bizarro World apparently and none of us noticed, this summer does seem to be the season with the most potential this year, despite Summer usually being the shittiest season there is (let us not remember Summer 2010). What new spore of madness is this? Let’s find out!

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