Is It Wrong to Pick Up Chicks in a Dungeon? Episodes 1 & 2 – Gotta Go Fast


I don’t know why the first show I picked up this season was a JC Staff adaptation of a light novel with a tediously long title, but it was the earliest show to come out because it seems most shows are now on the weekends. To be fair to the author, it’s a award winning light novel. To be fair to the medium of literature, a light novel award is like winning Less Painful Method to Die at the Nails and Flails Torture-off.

But I digress. Let’s dig into this, shall we?

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January 2015 Roundup


And so Winter 2015 wraps up its first month, and it’s already pretty clear who’s shit and who’s not shit. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly shit, as to be expected of a winter season. And as a narcissist asshole who thinks his opinions are worth shit blogger, I have pretty clear opinions by now. Guess who’s my favorite (hint: it named this blog).

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