GARO: The Animation Is The Definition Of Cool – Final Review


With all these new anime coming and going, this show has been constantly on my mind ever since then. Despite only ranking #2 in its seasonal roundup, it’s definitely the one to have a really lasting impression on me with its writing, execution, its everything. Probably, it’s proof that I can be rather short-term with my seasonal roundups, but that’s not the topic of discussion at hand. The thing is, I haven’t paid this anime the honor it deserves, and to that purpose I will now review it to explain why it’s so fucking awesome.

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GARO: The Animation 24 (FINAL) – So much epic. So much GARO.

Probably symbolic of something, but I don't feel like trekking through 200 BCE Eastern European Mytholgy as Interpreted By Roman Zvazleski

Epic finales are no mystery to any long-time fan of the GARO tokus (read: old people who were alive in the distant past of 2005). In fact, when compared to every other entry in the franchise (except maybe the original 2005 one, and that’s because the most advanced FX back then was MS Paint), this is a relatively low-key finale for any GARO entry.

Did I ever mention that you should probably watch the tokus? Let me reitare that you should probably watch the tokus.

But, in a certain, emotional way, this finale kind of tops every other GARO finale, mostly because of Kobayashi’s masterful grasp of the audience’s heartstrings. If heartstrings were a violin, Kobayashi would be Hilary Hahn.

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GARO: The Animation 18 – Paging Mr. Yuasa, Please Stop By Kobayashi’s Office

vlcsnap-2015-02-18-12h24m03s18 Making a character go through a lot of pain, angst and suffering, by itself, a good story does not make. You need a lot of wit to pull it off in a comedy because a character suffering is not inherently funny, and it doesn’t make your drama more poignant or deep because it needs meaning for it to carry any gravitas.

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