Yona of the Dawn 18 – He’s Just Not That Into You

So, this episode continues back where the last left off, with Medieval Korea Dandy (Junichi Suwabe can only be parsed as Space Dandy. No exceptions) having the hots for Hak, because what’s a shoujo harem without some good ol’ homoeroticism. So, he sets off to town, seeking to recruit Hak for some sweet lov- err, for Gigan’s pirate crew. Yeah, let’s roll with that.

“I can feel all them fujoshi already writing 20 doujin about this”.

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January 2015 Roundup


And so Winter 2015 wraps up its first month, and it’s already pretty clear who’s shit and who’s not shit. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly shit, as to be expected of a winter season. And as a narcissist asshole who thinks his opinions are worth shit blogger, I have pretty clear opinions by now. Guess who’s my favorite (hint: it named this blog).

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